Monday, November 9, 2009

“Ballroom Dance Storming through Asia”

This was the heading of an article that appeared in Edition 2147 of “Dance New” a UK Dance Newspaper.
It goes on as follows: -

“Launch Of the New WDC Asian Amateur League”

The World Dance Council (WDC) is made up of 59 Member Countries (Ed note: the National Dance Council of America NDCA represents the USA on this Council) and is recognized throughout the world as the leading international organization representing Dance Schools, Dance Clubs, Medallist Dancers, Amateur Competition Couples, Pro-Am Competitors and Professional Dancers.
The WDC Professional Top Couples are undoubtedly the best dancers in the world.
The WDC Championships and Dance Festivals are renowned internationally and judged only by WCD Professional adjudicators, many of whom were Top Professional Dancers in their own right.
In Asia the number of Amateur Dancers has been increasing tremendously over recent years, and the local and international competitions organized under the umbrella of the WDC Amateur League (WDC-AL) is escalating.
Due to the popularity of dancing within Asia, the Asian organizers of the WDC-AL competitions are excited to announce the launch of:


This new league as part of the WDC-AL is developing a new prestigious Amateur Competition Series Open to the World.


From 2010 six countries will join this new series, they are: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

The President of the World Dance Council, Mr. Donnie Burns MBE, is proud to see the movement of dance spreading into Asia and growing so rapidly in popularity.
For all your queries and to join the WDC-AL Asia contact: Mr. Marcel De Rijk, Vice President WDC at Email:

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