Monday, November 16, 2009

Ohio Star Ball Championships

In 1978 one of the United States Professional Latin Champions, Mr. Sam Sodano, asked me to help with a one-day competition in Columbus, Ohio. I was the Chairman of Judges at this small event. I continued to be the Chairman for 28 years as it grew from that one day event to a six day marathon that it is today. I retired as the sole Chairman of Judges 4 years ago. The Ohio Star Ball starts today Tuesday November 17 and will run through Sunday November 22. It is the World's largest Pro/Am competition but it also runs Professional, Amateur, and Collegiate events. The World's Professional American Smooth and Rhythm Championships are also now part of this prestigious event. There are usually around 17,000 entries. The timetable is run to the second, usually starting around 7:00 am each day and finishing around 1:00 am the next morning. The Saturday evening is the most exciting with PBS Televising for America's Ballroom Challenge and the crowning of America's Best. There will be 70 judges working in panels of 3 judges to 17. Three separate ballrooms are used to run this event which now uses 3 Chairman of Judges. There are 3 MC's, 7 Scrutineers, 2 DJ's, 9 On-Deck Captains and a program that looks like a telephone directory!
I will keep you posted on any interesting results.

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