Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who is Alex Moore and what is the Revised Technique?

This past weekend I came across a most interesting article written by a young lady I have know for many years - Lori Woods-Gay. She is now an examiner for the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing USISTD. In the article she wrote:
"What does the study of Technique do for me?

· It is a legacy, it is our documented past that links us to our present and gives us a basis for our future. It is a study in the root figures. If you’ve ever marveled at a beautiful tree, you see the intricacies of the seemingly never ending development of branches and leaves, only made possible by the solid root system below. The technique book is our root system. And so as the dancing develops the technique will and should be thoughtfully revised by and for future generations."
The complete article is long and as much as I wanted to 'blog' it I thought it better to tell you how to access it online.
The title is - Who is Alex Moore and what is the Revised Technique? and What Technique was it Revising? and Why Should You Care?
Go to http://www.usistd.org/ on the left hand side of the Home Page click on "Dance Technique Articles" then scroll down to  "January 20, 2007 Alex Moore and the Revised Technique".
I was very privileged to have met Alex Moore at his Zeeta Dance Studio when I worked with Elizabeth Romain on my Licentiate Degree in Latin American. In between my lessons I helped Alex stuff envelopes with his Monthly Letter Service (MLS) that is mentioned in the article. Alex also advised me on my eventual move to the USA in 1967.
I think many advanced dancers will find the article very interesting.
Happy reading
Geoffrey Fells

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