Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Albert Franz Showcase - Part ll?

I have just returned home after teaching my first two lessons after surgery. It went well and it was good to get back into a familiar routine.
I checked my email and I received a comment from a dancer who listed themselves as "one dancer in the community".
Because of this email I checked Town Dancer and found all of the articles written about the Albert Franz Showcase to be most interesting and thought provoking. I though the photographs were excellent and certainly added that something 'extra'. Here is the article for you to read and then as the writer suggests "let's move on".

"I am amazed at Mr. Calvin Ota's recent characterization of things in the  Towndancer blog.

First of all, even when Geoffrey Fells' critique may have been a negative comment, to characterize it as  "wrath" is perhaps far from the truth. To analogize a professional piece of critique to the parent/child relationship is just misplaced. A professional critique, should more appropriately be compared to such  opinions as that of the legendary movie critiques, "Siskel & Ebert,"  who just said it and called it the way they saw it. Professional critiques are NOT "paternal" in nature, no matter how you see it.

Mr. Ota's piece comes across as a defensive reaction to honest criticism by a professional that regardless of whether anyone agrees with, is how the professional critique saw it and called it. It was not meant to be a show of Mr. Fells' "wrath" when indeed, when it comes to his relationship with  dancers in the community, Mr. Fells is always quick to provide good counsel and eager to share his expertise. We must remember Mr. Fells' opinion is one man's opinion. It was meant to be constructive. Take it or leave it. Make the best of it and move on.

This is the humble opinion of one dancer in the Community."

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