Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This past weekend Carlos Chang attended People’s Choice Dancesport Competition in Scottsdale AZ with some of his students. I am sure that Carlos is very proud of their accomplishments as follows:
Ria Baldevia took 1st place in her Solo routine with 95 points. She picked up eight 1st places and four 2nd places and also won the Closed Bronze and Silver Latin Scholarship in the Ladies “A” division.
Charlotte Bugarin took two 1st places and two 2nd places as well as 1st place in the Ladies “B” division of the Closed Bronze and Silver Latin Scholarship.
Theresa Nakayama came home with nine 1st places, three 2nd places, and two 3rd places.
Janet Liu placed 1st in the Ladies “S” Closed Bronze and Silver Latin Scholarship. In the Freestyle she took one 1st place, four 2nd places, eight 3rd places, and three 4th places.
Yulia Sharipova dancing the Junior Gold Latin division took five 1st places and she also won the Ladies “A” 5-dance Latin competition.

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