Sunday, August 8, 2010

$10,000 Top Teacher Award.

Throughout the dance community on the Mainland the $10,000 Top Teacher Award at the International Grand Ball has become quiet a draw for Pro/Am teachers and their students.
In 2009 this prize was won by Mr. Forrest Vance from Arizona.
I checked with the IGB organizers, Stephan and Denise Krauel and found that in order to qualify for this award the teacher must produce a minimum of 350 entries that have been submitted on time.
In 2010 Mr. Lucas Jaime and his student Ms. Maria Handl competed in 97 entries. Therefore Lucas did not qualify for the $10,000 prize as reported in an earlier blog. I do apologize to Lucas Jaime for this misinformation. He was however the Top Teacher at this event and did win a cash prize.
Ms. Maria Handl did win Top Student Award and Divino Ritmo Dance Studio did win the Top Studio Award.
I was amused by the fact that many people thought me serious when I suggested that Lucas would be celebrating his big win at La Mer. Obviously my North of England sense of humor is not fully understood in Hawai’i!
I do promise to try and check facts more thoroughly before reporting in the future.

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