Saturday, August 14, 2010


I would like to thank so many people who helped make my knee surgery (second one!) a little less uncomfortable and bearable. I received many personal visits, "get well" cards, telephone calls, beautiful floral arrangements, food, baskets of goodies, even a small bottle of "something" to kill the pain unfortunately I had to give this away!

I also want to thank the Odo's and the Labowski's for continuing to transport me to and from my therapy appointments. All of your help is truly appreciated.

The surgery went well, as did the first knee surgery. However I picked up an infection in the surgical wound and had to be hospitalized for four days to administer an anti biotic. Now I am home and taking an oral anti biotic which cost $2300 for 28 tablets!! Thank goodness for Medicaid.

So, the set back has delayed my plan to get back to teaching. I am hoping that therapy will allow me to use a cane and allow me to drive within the next week so I can try to start teaching the week beginning Monday August 23rd. I will be calling my students to confirm so wait for my call.

Keep On Dancing Showcase is next Friday evening August 20 at the Pacific Beach Hotel. I am hoping to be there so I will see those of you who are also going.

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