Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After six weeks of recovering from knee surgery I was finally able to get out and about and attend the 2010 SHOWTIME presented by "Keep On Dancing" at the Pacific Beach Hotel on Friday August 20th. Helping me get there with my walker was Co-MC of the Hawai'i Star Ball Shari Berinobis who kindly took time out from her busy schedule. She is a City Council candidate for District 4 and has the honor of being the Oahu Princess Pa'u Rider in the Aloha Week Parade (because I am not allowed to ride I will be there following the horses!!).
The evening turned out to be a delightful event. The usual buffet food was served and many of us complimented the fact that it was one of the best. Host and Hostess Christopher and Miru Bayot were very attentive to their guests. There were fourteen exhibitions danced in two sets and there was a lot of general dancing which is always welcomed by our local dancers.
I was especially pleased to see that there were several local professionals supporting Christopher and Miru - yours truly, Doug Kesler, Lucas and Yanna Samkova, Akiyoshi Sugino, Reggie Gascon, Gayle Kawahakui, Carmelo Baysa and Debbie Borges who did a delightful American Waltz exhibition with promising student Reuben Lee. In addition to Christopher dancing with his students he did two exhibitions with his lovely wife Miru. Guest dancers Calvin and Debra Ota, representing the Al Franz Dance Studio performed their Paso Doble and Tango and Richard and Lynn Nakamura performed a Foxtrot and Tango Medley.
I am sure that Christopher is very proud of his students for their support and help that they give him especially Kasuma Cooray and Reiko Otake.
Until next year "KEEP ON DANCING"

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