Friday, August 12, 2011

"DANCING TO THE MUSIC" with LUCAS JAIME at USA Dance's Night Club 2 Step Workshop on August 20, 2011

You'll be surprised how many places you can do this dance at. Night Club 2-Step or just Two-Step for short, is a beautiful partner dance that involves triple rhythms and is danced to the most emotionally inspiring slow songs making it the perfect dance for romance, weddings, and socials. Often thought of as a "simple" dance, it is more than that when danced at higher levels. It also provides a good foundation for technique for other dances, even faster songs when the technique is applied properly.

At the most basic level, the Night Club 2-Step is a quick to learn dance. "At the advanced level it is an incredibly stylistic and flowing dance that requires a much higher skill level and partnering connection. At the very top level, it can be an amazingly graceful and technically powerful dance that incorporates techniques from other dance forms such as Tango and other dances leading to presentation moves and syncopated rhythms." (Quoted from Bruce Gombrelli on Night Club 2-Step.)

To conduct this workshop, USA Dance features Divino Ritmo Dance's Lucas Jaime, professional dancer, instructor and choreographer, renowned for his rhythm and show dances, and former salsa/hustle champion. Originally from New York, Lucas has made his home in Hawaii teaching International and American style competitive and social dancing for the past 3 years.

Come join Lucas at USA Dance's workshop for 1 1/2 hours of fun, technique, styling and musicality:

Date: Saturday, August 20th, 2011
Place: The Ala Wai Golf Course Palladium
Time: 12:30p Registration
1:00p Workshop

Cost: $10 for USA Dance Members
$20 for Non-members

For more information, call Glenn Okazaki of USA Dance at: 428-1704

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