Friday, July 20, 2012

Freedom to Dance - Richard Gleave

Richard Gleave

Dear All,

I note with some interest that footwork is not on the list of the important qualities for judges to evaluate on the WDSF judging system. However, we must not loose sight of the big picture.

THIS system of judging or THAT system of judging - I am sure that overall the best dancers will win ........... IF, everybody has the Freedom to Dance.

When we open our eyes and look at the Ballroom Dancing World, we see not a system of judging, but the pain and damage caused by the WDSF's policy of banning competitors.

Dancers, who are in the prime of their dancing lives.
Dancers, who have to leave their Mother country in order to continue dancing in a free system.
Dancers, who have had the courage to stand up against the WDSF dictates and threats.
Dancers, who have had their Olympic and Human Rights violated.

The WDSF has done many good things for Ballroom Dancing, but they will suffer the consequences of their disregard and disrespect to the entire Ballroom Dancing World.

Even UNESCO-CID has been ignored by the WDSF when they proposed a meeting to solve the problems.

We assume that "people in charge" will be responsible about issues concerning our young dancers. For instance, the human right as stated in the Olympic Statues: To the right to participate and choose: Not to be used as pawns in order to further political aims against other organisations.

Yet of course, we also know that certain politicians place more value on financial interests than they do on certain matters that affect the dancing fraternity or Olympic ideals; ethical considerations are forgotten.

True Statesmen look after their members, Politicians look after themselves.


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