Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BLACKPOOL 2013 - Richard Gleave OBE

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BRAVO for Pro-am and Josie Lee, a lifetime patron of the art and business of Dance.
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Geoffrey Fells 
Dear Dancing friends, The magnificence of the...
Richard Gleave 9:14am Jun 4
Dear Dancing friends,

The magnificence of the Blackpool Dance Festival, brings together so many different levels of Ballroom Dancing.

I was fascinated, enthralled and excited by the major four championships, i.e. the Amateur Latin and Ballroom and Professional Latin and Ballroom Championships. Not only for the magnificent dancing, but for the truly, magnanimous reaction from the International audience. There were standing ovations for the first time ever for the semi-finals of the Amateur Latin American Championship, and through the finals of the Professional Latin American and Ballroom Championships.

The British Open Championships has this amazing quality of producing year after year wonderful atmospheric audience participation, stimulated by the artistic performances of the dancers, and the music of Ashley Frohlick and The Empress Orchestra.

However, for me one of the most moving competitions of the week was the Inaugural Pro-Am Showcase, held on Thursday night. This competition, I felt transcended the differences between age, gender and style in the art of Ballroom Dancing, and that an 86 year old lady dancing the Mambo, to receive a wonderful standing ovation, was fantastic.


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