Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 International Championships - London, UK

On October 5th  I posted the results of these important championships. I have since received the following report which was posted on Freedom to Dance Facebook by Mr. Richard Gleave OBE. - Geoffrey Fells

Anne & Richard Gleave OBE
The 61st International Championships was, once again a great success! The venue must be the finest in the World, and the organisers led by Linda Short, really do deserve congratulations for a magnificent event.

To be a Champion it is necessary to dedicate to and operate from the principles that produce Champions, not just imitate the actions of successful couples. It is the dedication to technique, musicality, artistry and taste that produces extraordinary performances. Ignoring technique and artistry produces a performance which on balance is equal to a Cheshire Cat in a Ball Gown! Technique + Artistry + Talent + Effort = Performance!

Great artistic and sincere competitors performances always have the hallmark of simplicity. The ineluctable attractions of space and energy, although important, should not outweigh the quality of beauty and artistry.

 I wouldn't normally single out any couple for praise, but on this occasion I feel it is
only fair to comment on an outstanding improvement. For me the dancing in the Ballroom Championship, which deserves a mention was that of Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazina from Azerbaijan. Their flowing, powerful and musical movement combined with an elegance of posture and space was outstanding. One of our pioneers, Josephine Bradley would have said they didn't reply on "stunts", just beautiful, flowing, powerful movement to create a performance that was in great taste and of exciting and exquisite effect.

In the Latin American Amateur Championship, the Champions, Troels and Inna, danced superbly - their precise, rhythmical and expressive technique is highlighted by their superb routines in every dance. Each dance looks as it should be! Their choice of choreography is outstanding, and gives them every opportunity to excel in their competitive performance.

The International Championships was a fabulous success and proves the saying "An hour of fame, is worth an age without a name."

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