Friday, August 15, 2014

Dancing on Oahu, Hawaii

Several local (Hawai‘i) dancers have asked me why certain studios and/or Professionals and teachers were omitted from the blog on "Where to Learn - Where to Dance".
The answer is that I had received a request not to post any information. An email I  received quoted: -
“I appreciate your offer but no need. Do not worry about posting anything about Cupola, showcase or any other information about our studio on the blog, we will take care of it ourselves”.
I do not hold any grudges against any Dance Studio, Dance Club, Professional or Teacher. I might not always agree with them but I do not hold grudges. If anyone would like to have me post information about their Studio, Club, Showcase, Classes, Special Events, etc. I will gladly accommodate them.
For me the most important thing is to get as much information on ballroom dancing out to the public as possible.
Geoffrey Fells

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