Tuesday, February 9, 2010

USADance SW National Qualifying Event

Held in Long Beach, California this event was attended by three couples from Honolulu.
Congratulations to Anne Ho and Glenn Okazaki who took First Place in the Senior II Event (ages 50+) competing against six other couples. In the Senior I (ages 35+) they placed Fifth out of nine couples.
Calvin and Debra Ota also competed. In the Senior II Novice Standard 3-dance (W.F.Q.) they placed Fifth out of six couples. In the Senior Novice II Novice Latin 3-dance (S.C.R.) they placed Third out of three couples - however I noted that they received some First places from 3 judges.
The third couple attending was Jackson Cho and Mei-June Choong. I think that this was their first competition on the Mainland. They danced in the Adult Silver Standard 3-dance (W.T.F.) they finished in Seventh place out of seven couples. In the Adult Novice Standard (W.F.Q.) they competed against fourteen couples but did not make the final. I am sure that being in their first major event on the Mainland they were impressed with the quality of dancing and will be encouraged to improve their performance. I was puzzled by the fact that they chose to dance at a Silver level for their first major event. I thought their coach would have advised them to dance at the beginning - Bronze level! Oh well.
Congratulations to all three couples for representing Hawai'i and I am sure you are looking forward to the USADance Nationals which is also being held in Los Angeles in April.

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