Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Palladium closing?

Today I received the following email notice from Susan Reaver of the Hawai'i Swing Dance Club - read on: -

Here is something very important if you want to keep dancing at the Palladium.
Tomorrow at Honolulu Hale in the City Council Chambers, a bill is trying to be passed that will close Park Community Centers including the Ala Wai Golf Course Club House!
There are several bills on the table but I am told that hopefully the Parks one will be looked at later in the afternoon or evening. (No guarantee).
If you are able to come down wear GREEN to show your support.
I received this information from Tara at Parks and Recreation so it is reliable.
We DON"T want to lose this facility! It would be awful. As it is we don't have nearly enough places to dance and if we have to have our dances in commercial places, the cost to the public would go up and ours would be substantially higher!
Please show your support by sitting with us and if you choose to say anything to the council you would have to be put on the agenda and send them a fax saying you wish to speak. (No longer than 3 min). Or you can send it to Parks and Recreation.
Thanks for your support.
Susan Reaver
Hawai’i Swing Dance Club

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