Monday, April 12, 2010

USADance National Championships - Hawai'i Results

Anne Ho and Glenn Okazaki placed 3rd out of 25 couples in the Senior II Standard Championship. They placed 3rd in all of the five dances –Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep.
Yuko Yamane, who lived in Hawai‘i for a number of years, also competed with her partner Thomas Yu from Baltimore, MD and they placed 5th. They were 5th in Waltz, Tango and Viennese Waltz, 6th in Slow Foxtrot and 7th in the Quickstep.
Both these couples also competed in the Senior I Standard Championship (21 couples) with Anne and Glenn finishing in 8th place in the Semi Final and Yuko and Thomas finishing 13th in the Quarter Final.
The Senior I division is for couples 35+ years; the Senior II is 45+ years.
Jackson Cho and Mei-June Choong competed in the Adult Bronze Standard (W/Q) with 12 couples and the Adult Silver Standard (W/F/Q) with 18 couples. They did not place in either event.
Calvin and Debra Ota danced in the Senior II Novice Standard (W/Q) and tied for 9th place out of 12 couples. In the Senior II Novice Latin (C/R) they placed 5th out of 5 couples.
Candido and Yvonne Jorge-Cuan entered 6 events!
In the Senior II level the danced Bronze Standard (W/Q) and placed 5th out of 11 couples. In the Senior II Silver Standard (W/F/Q) they placed 11th out of 13 couples. In Senior II Bronze Latin (C/R) they placed 4th out of 6 couples.
They then danced the Senior III levels. In the Bronze Standard (7 couples) they tied for 1st place by placing 2nd in the Waltz and 1st in Quickstep. The tie was broken using Rule 11 which put them into 2nd place. In Bronze Latin there were 5 couples and resulted in a three-way tie for first place. Rule 10 placed the 3rd couple and Rule 11 was applied once again to the remaining two couples resulting in a 2nd placement for Candido and Yvonne!
In the Silver Standard (W/F/Q) they came 3rd out of 6 couples. I am sure Candido and Yvonne must be more than pleased with their results.
Congratulation to all four couples – you all did Hawai‘i proud.

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