Thursday, June 3, 2010


This event was also started in 1989 and was first won by Mr. Timothy Howson and Miss Amanda Owen (Dokman). In 1991 Joanne Bolton won this Championship dancing with Mr. M Reilly. Then Timothy dancing with Joanne were major finalists and British Champions in 2005. Mr. Christopher Hawkins and Miss Hazel Newberry placed first in 1992. Mr. William Pino and Miss Alessia Bucciarelli won this event in 1993. Mr. Jonathan Crossley with a Miss M DeBarra won in 1994. In 1996 Mr. Roberto Villa dancing with a Miss M Cerea won. Mr. Domenico Soale and Miss Gioia Cerasoli won in 1997. Mr Linas Korieva was a winner in 1998 with a Miss A Bubnelyte.
This year there were 140 couples listed. There were 4 couples from the USA and none of them made the quarter final (top 24). In the Semi Final (top 12) there were 4 couples from Poland, 2 couples from Russia, 2 couples from England, and 1 couple from Estonia, Ireland, Denmark, and China.
Winning the Championship were Chong He and Jing Shan from China winning all four dances, 2nd place from Russia Vladimir Rudko and Maria Ivanova, 3rd place from England Kyle Taylor and Liis End, 4th place from Russia Vasily Kirin and Ekaterina Prozorova, 5th place from Poland Mateusz Papuzynski and Katarzyna Czyzyk, 6th place from Estonia Szymon Kulis and Margarita Zuonova.

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