Sunday, November 13, 2011

GET DOWN with Lucas Jaime at USA Dance's Hustle Workshop

By: Marie Laderta

Glenn Okazaki hit the nail on the head when he described the hustle as "this ever popular retro-dance of the 70's". He sure is right about that!

Hustle's evolution is amazing when you consider that in such a short span of dance history, from the 70's to today, it has moved as a dance form from a disco/social in the 70's to being a part of the American rhythm style in many of today's ballroom  competitions including the Hawaii Star Ball!

During its infancy in the 70's, even though the hustle was taught in many forms (4- count hustle, the old Latin Hustle or Rope Hustle), the most entertaining style was done by club dancers and competitors in New York who performed the 3-count hustle (& 1-2-3). Later, other dance styles such as American Smooth (traveling movements & pivots), and other Rhythm dances were incorporated.

In fact, whenever I have a chance, I always compete in ballroom hustle in both Pro-Am with Lucas and amateur couple with my husband Paul. It is a refreshing break for us in the competition because it allows for a bit more freedom of movement & variation than the more disciplined syllabus figures in Latin. Not to mention that I get to learn and dance the hustle with my teacher, a former Hustle Champion, who grew up with this genre of dancing in New York with the likes of "Hustle-great" Billy Fajardo.

So come on down to the Ala Wai Palladium on Saturday, November 19th and watch Lucas "get down" with the Hustle at the USA Dance workshop.

WHERE: The Ala Wai Golf Course Palladium

TIME: 12:30p Registration - 1:00p Workshop

COST: $10 for USA Dance Members - $20 for Non-members

For more information, call Glenn Okazaki at 428-1704

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