Sunday, November 27, 2011

LAST CALL for Hawaii's own BROADWAY Production

LAST CALL for Hawaii's own BROADWAY Production to Kick Off the Holiday Season! 
By Marie Laderta

"THE CALL of BROADWAY," by Divino Ritmo

Folks, we are on our way to sweep you off your feet, we hope. At least that is our goal, to entertain you in the grand ol' Broadway style...
Presented by Lucas & Yanna of Divino Ritmo Dance,
"Neon Lights," THE CALL OF BROADWAY, in addition to being a chance to showcase the students, is also a dance production aimed at entertaining and razzle-dazzling you! 
The best adrenaline to kick off your holiday season!
Come encourage our students, see the results of their hard work, come dance with us on our floor at the Sheraton Waikiki and let us take you away to 42nd Street!!

Lucas & Yanna will top off the evening with their own professional show.

Lots of general dancing in between.

WHEN: Saturday, Dec 3rd

WHERE: the Sheraton Waikiki Ballrooms

6pm doors open;
7pm sit down dinner;
8:00p Dance Show begins

Tickets: $95 front row/ $85 all other rows (limited tickets left)

For more info contact:
Lucas Jaime, (917)568-3173;
Yanna Samkova, (732)499-0407;

Also as busy as they are preparing for the BIG BROADWAY show, LUCAS and YANNA will be having their last Tuesday of the Month Social Dance at the CUPOLA this Tuesday, November 29th at the Honolulu Design center, 2nd Floor. Admission is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC!
Come party with us 7-10p!

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