Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Geoffrey's 18th Birthday Luncheon!! by David Easa


Geoffrey Fells is 80 years Young

Paul, Marie, Birthday Boy, Me, Yanna, Lucas
I never much liked any celebration that called attention to myself, opting rather to let events, birthdays, and even retirement go unnoticed.  Such is clearly not the case with our Hawaii ballroom dance icon, Geoffrey Fells, who savored every moment of his 80th year birthday party barely just completed....well someone has to finish the wine....at the Prince Court of the Hawaii Prince Hotel.  Nearly 70 family, friends, students, and fans attended to share in the festivities. His sister Pam and husband Peter flew all the way from Florida to share the celebration although I'm wondering whether Pam had second thoughts when Geoffrey introduced her as his older sister during his little thoughtful welcome introduction.  

A few pictures below provides the proof of his enjoyment. I told him that we should do this again in 20 years when he turns 100.  He asked if I would be alive to make it.  I told him I would try my best but to excuse me if I'm a little late. 

Well, the man doesn't look 80, and claims to feel and act 18 years old.  Can't help but feel that time has been good to him, except for a few surgical interludes. The picture below dancing with partner May shows him stiff, serious, and intimidating. Not the material that you would think would evolve into the fun loving joking jovial gentleman he has now morphed into.  Happy Birthday Geoffrey..............see you in 20 years.

Some of those attending celebrating, eating and enjoying each other's company
Geoffrey with Grace Nohara
Just a"few" years back when Geoffrey was a serious competitor.
Note that the dance position at the time had his right arm extend
to May's lower back almost at her waist.
Geoffrey at age 37 is posing with his young sister, Pam, 7 years younger than
him . Wow, Pam you are beautiful!!

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