Friday, May 31, 2013


Thursday May 30th
Open To The World Amateur Ballroom Championships.

There were 223 couples listed to dance for this event. Couples from North America making the quarter final round but did not make the semi final were:

Oskare Wojciechowski with Karoline Holody (USA)
Laroslav Bieliei with Virginie Primeau (Canada)
Igor Mikushov with Ekaterina Romashkina (USA)

Final Results:
1st  Marek Kosaty with Paulina Glazik (Poland)
2nd  Chong He with Jing Shan (China)
3rd  Andew Sadecki with Karina Nawrot (Poland)
4th  Dusan Dragovic with Greta Laurinaityte (England)
5th  Sergui Rusu with Dorota Makar (Poland)
6th  Lukasz Tomczak with Alexsandra Jurczak (Poland)
7th  Fedor Isaev with Anna Zudilina (Russia)

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