Friday, May 31, 2013


Exhibition Results:

1st  Gerhard Van Rooyen with Amor Krucer (South Africa)
2nd  Craig Smith and Micheline (South Africa)
3rd  Igor Alferov with Olga Kolesnikova (Russia)
4th  Shane Jensen withShannon Jensen (USA)
5th  Justin Guilmette with Kimalee Piedad(USA)
6th  Max Kozhevnikov with Anastasia Kozhevnikov (USA)
7th Carlos Sapata with Dora Pashova (Canada)
8th Andrea Bassi with Alice Gaini (Italy)

Latin Formation Team Results:

1st  Brigham Young University Latin Team Directors Lee and Linda Wakefield, Choreography: Eugene Katsevman, Maria Manusova and Michael Chapman.

2nd  TSC “TK Schwarz-Gold Latin Team Altenburg Director Birgit Schaller

3rd  XS Latin Cambridge A Team Director David Mallabone

4th  Beijing Vocational School of Culture & Arts Directors Huo Yinsham, Tian Tian, Zheng Lina

5th  XS Latin Cambridge B Team Director David Mallabone. 

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